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Corporate Promotional Video

Corporate promotional video can help companies quickly convey their brand concepts, visions and culture, and comprehensively display their service characteristics and advantages, establish a good brand image, and increase brand trust.

Commercial Video

The main function of corporate advertising shooting is to use strategic vision, creativity, content creation, products/service highlights and shooting techniques to impress the audience and enhance the reputation of the company.

Events Recording

The company’s event recording includes a series of clips that highlight company’s event and online event, presentations or trainings to display the public image of the corporation.

Product Videos

Product video shootings are used for the purpose of showcasing your products/service, how to use or interact with the products, or even scripted stories that use actors, sets and props.

Recent Commercial Videos

We are Committed to Creating Production Value for Companies that Have a Dream

We work with international brands, local businesses, and startups to create compelling, engaging video content that captures each client’s brand, and unique spirit for their audiences.

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“Fantastic experience working with Letswepp. The first thing that stood out to me was the educational aspect of their value proposition. In our first call they helped to guide me, which was especially helpful given my inexperience creating videos. The camera crew was extremely professional, and clearly experienced. They did a fantastic job guiding us all on the day. Post production was also easy. They made the requested edits in a timely fashion and delivered a great final product for my business. I would recommend these guys to my closest friends.”

– Business Owner in Beauty Industry

Video Production Process

The whole process of planning to production consists 7 steps, Letswepp will deliver you a final work so you are ready to truly be competitive in the online marketplace.

Mutual Understanding

Before shooting your first video, we will learn your company culture and mission, identify your target audience & consumers’ demands, calculate the budget, devise a reasonable shooting plan (staffing, venue, lighting, makeup artist, etc.)

Location Scouting

We will provide you with suitable scene within the budget, go to site survey, plan lighting layout and scene structure layout and other preparations in advance.

Script Writing

The scenario script is the key to successfully tell the story of the company, the advertised products, or services in a way to connect to the target audience. We will plot out the story for your video, as well as the technical details.

4K Shooting

Train and prepare the shooting team participants in advance to efficiently complete the 4K video shooting process within time.

Post Production

In this step, we will watch all the footage and edit the clips that you want to use. We will synchronize the audio with the videos and start to organize them into scenes to create your product video.

Sample Footage Review

After the sample footage is sent, you can request to correct or modify unwanted parts within a certain period of time, and Letswepp will re-edit those details as required.

Delivery of the Final Video

After you are satisfied with the finalized video, we will provide video files in different formats according to your needs.

“Our company hired Letswepp's photography team to film the entire process of the company's opening ribbon-cutting ceremony last year. Although the shooting time is only half a day, Letswepp's team has establish a good impression. By the early morning of the event, the shooting team had already arranged all the cameras in advance. After the event started, they recorded it in an orderly manner. We have received all the final deliverables that our company needs, and the post production editing quality is also of high standard.”

– Real Estate Developer

Video Production FAQ

We use 4K cameras and industry standard film cameras. Suitable audio capturing and lighting devices are used depending on the actual scenes and budget. We are also constantly updating our equipment to stay on the trend and go beyond the industry standard.

We scale our video productions based on the scope of each project. Generally, we bring 1 producer and 1 to 2 videographers. However, we have done video shoots solo and have also done video shoots with 10+ crew members. Depending on the project, aerial photographers, makeup artists, gaffers, and actors can also be assigned or hired.

We use standard video formats like MP4 or MOV for the final deliverable. The resolution will be either 1080p or 4K as per agreement. If you require other video formats, we can export them for you for free. You can expect to receive the deliverables through a secure download link.

Our price range goes from a few hundred to thousands per project. It highly depends on the video complexity, length, crew members needed, and types of equipment. Contact us, and we will find the most appropriate plan for you.

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for a project to be delivered, but we suggest you contact us 6 to 8 weeks in advance to plan and discuss more details about your project.

Get in touch with us! We are a creative team offering full-service video production.

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