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Increase Domain Authority, Achieve Long-term Traffic Growth

Increase Domain Authority, Achieve Long-term Traffic Growth

Enterprise digitization is the core concept of Letswepp, and we believe that the digital transformation of enterprises can help businesses to survive in the new market. Google has billions of searches every day, but 92% of people only click on the top 10 websites in the search results. Google SEO was born to achieve high rankings in website search results.

Letswepp adopts the lastest digital marketing technology, strategy and trends to help SME businesses to establish brand awareness, improve website user experience, obtain high-quality leads, and increase traffic & conversions.

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Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It's about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google's users.

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It's about PARTNERING with Google
to provide the best search results for Google's users.


Google SEO Rankings

Understand User Intent, Generate Leads, and Grow Customer Base

Users are the core of the Internet. Many SEO practitioners often neglect the relationship between consumers and businesses when formulating strategies, and are obsessed with relying on keywords and external links. Letswepp’s SEO adopts the latest tools and strategy for local businesses in Toronto, which effectively helps them achieve brand expansion in long term, and improves lead conversions.

Banded Advantages

Organic rankings are more authoritative for users, and 70-80% of users do not trust Google search ads. In this Internet era, the fact that a business official website cannot be found on the search engine is the major threat to the brand.

Highly Targeted

SEO is an online marketing method based on Google search results. Letswepp conducts research on user intent and search data to identify keywords and opportunity gap to help businesses target their user groups directly, and increase conversion rate.

Continued Growth

Through a continuously improving fitness-like approach to optimize and promote the business websites to gain more domain authority and keywords. Ultimately, to achieve sustainable search engine traffic for business growth.

Research + Strategy + Operation

Letswepp SEO operation strategy is based on research data and market trends. We provide customized solutions to help businesses understand their internal operations, customer groups, and online presence better.

Monthly Reports

Reporting is an important aspect of SEO. At the end of each month, Letswepp will regularly report the current status of the project results, and provide the next-step planning in the form of visual charts and tables to ensure clients are well informed.

1-to-1 Project Manager

Letswepp’s SEO service assigns an dedicated project manager to guide clients every step of the way, giving them professional SEO advice, and making sure their concerns are heard and addressed. We believe effective communication improves efficiency and helps bring project success.

Push the Limits, And Grow With Us
Push the Limits, And Grow With Us

Contact us now to get a free 30-minute SEO consultation!

Contact us now to get a free 30-minute SEO consultation!


SEO Certification

Letswepp actively participates in training and getting certified from authoritative SEO institutions and partners to stay on the cutting edge of our industry, making sure latest technology and strategies are adopted, and most importantly, in compliance with Google guidelines.

SEO推广 semrush SEO认证
SEO推广 Yoast SEO认证

SEO Process

How We Do SEO?

To obtain a better SEO result, Letswepp adopts a comprehensive SEO process. We utilize multiple industry-leading SEO tools to analyze big data and gain insights to clients’ website and their users. Based on this data, we develope a customized strategy and detailed execution plan. Together with the monthly reports, client expectations and transparency are ensured.

Mutual Understanding

The first step in our SEO process is to try to understand each other, client’s bussiness, services, and customer needs. Throughout this phase, client’s concerns are addressed and answered.

Competitors/Users Research and Analysis

SEO is a competitive market, we need to know client’s position within the market. We use professional SEO tools to analyze both client and competitors’ websites. Through cross-checking multiple sources of website traffic data and users data, we can identiy the opportunities.

Develop SEO Strategy

After identifying the problems and opportunities, Letswepp will customize a most suitable SEO strategy for the client to accurately locate the customer groups and achieve lead generations and conversions.

Execute & Collect Data

Throughout the SEO process, we continuously monitor the progress, optimize the structure and content of the website. By learning the users’ intent, it will help pave the road for future SEO improvement.

Analyze and Improve

When enough data is collected, we can gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ behaviour. Through continuously improving and optimizing the SEO strategy, client’s website ranking will continue to grow in website traffic and conversions.

Grow Gradually

We believe that a good SEO operation requires mutual efforts and participations of both parties. After laying a good foundation for the website, we repeat the phases and reposition the targets and roadmap milestones to ensure final goals are achieved.

Satisfied Clients
Grow with Letswepp

We believe in the philosophy of win-win cooperation. Letswepp will fully participate in the operation of your business website, and regularly report the status and results. Together we will achieve your SEO ranking goals and become digital ready.


SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a website’s organic traffic. You do not pay for the growing and sustainable traffic.

PPC (Pay-per-click) is a way of paying to get your website displayed on the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The incoming paid traffic stops once you stop paying.


In our experience, a new website would generally show small changes after three months. After six months, you are expected to see noticeable improvements. After one year of operating, most businesses can see primary keywords ranking on the first page of SERP.

Any business can gain traffic through SEO if the methods and execution are done right. Letswepp will conduct research before each project to help you identify the opportunities and ways to obtain more traffic.

  • Communication: know how your provider does SEO by communicating more. Some use Grey Hat or Black Hat SEO methods to cheat Google to achieve the temporary results that clients want to see, but clients’ websites will likely receive penalties from Google later on.
  • Planning: pay close attention to the SEO project plan that your service provider proposed. Sometimes, they rely heavily on clients’ choice of SEO keywords. However, those may not be the ideal keywords if clients have zero experience in SEO. Identifying the correct keywords in clients’ niches requires industry and competitors’ research.
  • Pricing: SEO is a long-term investment. If service providers are charging you too low, the agency probably doesn’t know what they are doing and does not think their service is worth it (and you shouldn’t either). The typical rate of a quality SEO service in the market can go as high as $5000, depending on the competitiveness of the keywords the clients are trying to rank for.

Our SEO service starts from CA$1000 per month but varies depending on the budget and goals of each client. We focus on the actual data, analyze it from an objective point of view, and customize a solution that suits them the most within their budgets. This lowers clients’ investment costs and increases their return on investment (ROI).

SEO Tools

We Use the Top Industry-leading SEO Tools

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ahrefs seo工具 logo
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moz SEO工具 logo
spyfu SEO工具 Logo
majestic 外链 logo
buzzsumo SEO运营推广工具
RankMath SEO 工具
Google Tag Manager 网站转换侦测工具
Google Data Studio SEO报告工具
Google Search Console 官方SEO管理工具
Google analytics SEO数据分析工具

Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website

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