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Empathy, reverse thinking, and user-centered design are all labels of our team. We are committed to creating user friendly websites with value for consumers within your budget.

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Corporate Website

Having a corporate website for your business will help you reach a wider audience and establish a more appealing online image. With the website being online 24/7, consumers can easily access your business information and better learn about your products and services.

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Ecommerce Shop

Ecommerce can bring numerous opportunity for your business. Selling through online channel reduces the costs of running a physical store and boosts the sales. Business owners no longer need to rely on third party platforms. Managing transaction, users, inventory, shipments are also simpler through backend management system.

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Sales Driven Websites

A website is not just an online business card, but a medium that brings more conversions. Sales driven websites are made for consumers, aiming to generate leads and achieve sales goals. Through detailed competitor analysis, user centered design, and efforts of SEO, business website will become a marketing platform that maximize profits.

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Security & Maintenance

More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day, causing huge losses to business owners, and sometimes these losses are not just monetary. Website update and maintenance is like an insurance. While strengthening the security of the website, the daily backup of the website allows merchants to manage website content and data without worry.

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Letswepp - Your Preferred Web Development Partner

We help SMEs develop their online presence and build website authority through effective website and user experience.

Home Movers

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As our company is targeting the Australian market, I was a little hesitant in choosing a Canadian company as our partner. After communicating with the project manager several times I was surprised to find that he had a clear understanding of the local Australian market through research. This cleared the thought of me thinking that the project might be "unsuitable for the Australian local market". After our website launch, Letswepp patiently taught us how to manage the website on our own and recorded a series of tutorial videos for future reference. For a person with almost zero technical background, this is really helpful! I am glad that I chose Letswepp.
Jerry Guo
Manager of Home Mover
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We Understand Customers Better, So We Do Better

Details determine the success or failure. Letswepp website development process follows professional standards and strict protocols to ensure project success. Depending on the project scope, generally the whole development process is divided into at least 5 stages, 5 meetings, and 3 team members involved. We start our projects by understanding client requirements and goals to make sure we are all on the same page. Every project is handled with heart and we expect to make your goals a reality.


Our price starts from CA$1000, but it highly depends on the needs of our clients. Contact us now to book an appointment with one of our account managers for a free 30-minute consultation for more details about your project.

Generally, we deliver our website project to clients within three weeks. However, it is suggested to contact us four weeks in advance to plan and discuss more details about the project. If you need a website sooner than the time frame, we will do our best to offer you an alternative solution or pricing for it.

We develop most websites using WordPress, the world largest CMS (Content Management System). With this flexible and scalable system, we can customize any functions for your website based on your needs. (e.g. Appointment Booking, Membership System, Ecommerce, and etc.)

Our pricing is more competitive than other companies who offer the same service quality. Also, we focus more on the details and the execution of the plan. Our strict development process ensures that quality is maintained at all project stages and that the project is delivered on time.

Our goal is to deliver the best website for you without worrying too much. We only require information like your business’s logo, photos, and copywriting. There will also be a few online meetings to attend. We will take care of everything else.

We will hand over the website credentials with full access to you and provide training videos on managing the website after delivering. There will be no hidden or extra charges. However, if you would like us to maintain or update your website, Letswepp can provide different website maintenance packages depending on your budget and needs.

We highly recommend hosting your website under your account. Your best interest is to have your own hosting, as full access to the website is guaranteed. Some of the popular web hosting providers offer starter-plan go as low as $5 per month. We can advise you on choosing the best hosting plan according to your needs and assist you in purchasing one.

Unexpected budget raise often come from extra website pages or functions during or after the project. In case of any budget or project scope discrepancy, Letswepp will always try to accommodate new requests or discuss with clients to see what can be descoped. An extra quote may also be provided as an alternative solution. If there are any errors in the original project estimates, Letswepp will take full responsibility for the additional cost.

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